There are many districts in Castle Hills, each run by their own board of directors. This site is maintained by the 1B board. To find your board, please follows the steps outlined on the Find Your District page.

About the Denton County Fresh Water Supply District 1B Board

The Denton County Fresh Water Supply District 1B, more commonly known as the 1B Board, is comprised entirely of popularly elected residents of Castle Hills. Board members, officers, employees, and consultants must be committed and bound by the following guidelines:

  • Public belief in the integrity of government based on the actions of the government’s staff;
  • Independent, impartial, accountable, and responsible behavior in duty to the district and its; citizens;
  • Governmental decisions and policies made within the proper channels of the governmental structure; and
  • Public office is not to be used for personal gain.

2018 Election Information

Notice of Deadline to File Application – District
Cert of Posting Notice of Election – Website
Notice of Election – English and Spanish

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