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Castle Hills Phase 7 – Behind Merlin

Update 11/11/2013 6AM – here is the official plat filed with the county.


Here is some information regarding the houses going in between Baylor and the alley behind Merlin.  Here is an early version on the plat showing how the homes will be laid out Phase 7 – New Development Behind Melin.  For clarity, I think the notes at the end of the document are from 1D Director Bruce Johnson and not from the developer.

  1. 80 homes
  2. Target price 400k – 600k
  3. Lot size about 7200 square feet (for reference, that’s about 25% smaller than the current homes on Merlin)
  4. It’s a little unclear if Cheyenne will be an open entrance or simply a service-type road.


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