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Highlights from 2/5/2014 meeting

The video for the 1B meeting is posted. castlehillsgovernment.com/1b/2014/02/03/board-meeting-252014 Some areas of interest may be

1. 18:30 – interim director of public works talks about the myriad of water leaks around the plaza area

2. 53:00 – discussion of 1B permits, cost to the district, and the fact that 1B no longer requires permit fees for fences.

3. 56:45 – discussion of bonds and lowering the costs to residents. Included in this is a recap of the discussion legal had with the developer and his requirements 1B must meet to get this to happen and how the board can get this done.

Also, somewhere in there is a discussion of upcoming elections. We have two seats that are up.. Contact any member of the board to find out more about what we do and/or contact legal counsel at the bottom of the page to find out how to run. castlehillsgovernment.com/1b/board-members/

Patrick Kelly
1B Director

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