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FOIA Request for all traffic violations

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Speeding Ticket FOIA

Some concerns have been raised regarding the police presence in Castle Hills.  Some residents have conveyed both publicly and privately we are being targeted as a source of revenue for LV and the traffic tickets handed out are frivolous and unwarranted.

Fortunately, this is completely quantifiable.  I have submitted a FOIA request to the city of Lewisville requesting records on all traffic violations from 1/1/2014 – 5/31/2014.  My main goal is to see if tickets are really being handed out for doing 29 in a 25 or are they more generally being handed out for 35+ in a 25 or 30+ in a school zone.

This will probably take a few weeks to complete.  I will tweet out when the results are ready so you may want to take a minute and fast follow per the instructions below.

Patrick Kelly
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2 Responses

  1. Sharon Sykes.

    Interested to see what you find. I have no beef with traffic stops if we also get patrols by Lewisville PD. I was stopped for a rolling stop at a stop sign. I stopped but didn’t do the roll back that is required by law. To me that seems like revenue seeking and not crime preventing. But again I would have no issue being the source of revenue if I also received the benefit of that revenue in pro-active police patrols.

    • Patrick Kelly

      So I wrapped this up. Unfortunately getting the speed they were going was not readily available. I suppose I could take another run at this and probably get the dollar amount of the ticket and use that to infer the speed. We’ll see if this comes up as a thing again anytime soon.

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