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FY 2020 Budget

Published on June 7, 2020, by in Budgets.

2020_09 30 Budget – Final Approved 9 19 mtg_D1B



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  1. Nick Harissis

    I would be interested in seeing a side by side comparison of current 1-B tax rates compared to anticipated post-annexation tax rates.
    I presume that being we (CH) are currently in Denton County and Lewisville ISD and will remain so those tax rates will remain as is? Would that be a correct assumption.
    Also, will current exemptions such as Home Stead, over 65, disability, remain in place or will refiling be required?
    Lastly, concerning the over 65 exemption; upon annexation will a new base-line be set on freezing tax rates? Or, will rates remain as established when previously turned 65?

    Have not as yet seen much info on this topic. Frankly, I’m more interested in this than a refresh of The Dragon Park. But, that’s just me ….

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