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TCEQ response re: franchise fees to pay Developer

TCEQ Ltr Franchise Revenue Basically this letter states TCEQ has no jurisdiction regarding the use of easement franchise fees for the repayment of letter of credit costs incurred by the Developer while procuring bonds for the development of the 1B district.


Developer Lawsuit(Cause No.2010-60368-393) Update 10/17

APPROVED BY DCFWSD 1-B October 16, 2012  Developer reimbursement litigation: Denton County Fresh Water Supply District No. 1-B (“District 1-B“) is a defendant in a lawsuit initially filed by Castle Hills Development Corporation (“CHDC“), the alleged successor to Bright Farm Partnership, the original developer of Castle Hills (the “Developer Reimbursement Litigation“). The Developer Reimbursement Litigation



Developer Lawsuit(Cause No.2010-60368-393)

This has been settled.  Final documents below: Final Settlement Agreement – Dev Lit Amendment to Settlement Agreement


District 1A Lawsuit (Cause No. 2012-30239-211)

This has been settled.  Final documents below. Ltr – Operating Litigation Dismissal Order – Operating Lawsuit

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